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How to Practice Yoga At Home - Creating the Perfect Space

How to Practice Yoga At Home

Do you want to practice yoga at home but don't have the perfect space? If so - then read on - we've got the perfect tips to help you get started.

If your house feels more like a kids play zone or thoroughfare for teens and animals, then maybe you can't even IMAGINE what it would be like to practice yoga at home. In this article we cover some simple tips on how to create a Home Practice Space

It’s natural to assume that you need a private space and that everything needs to be perfectly zen and set up ready to go in order for you to start doing yoga at home, so we're going to show you some ways to get started even if things don't seem perfect right now.

Let's start by saying that whilst we LOVE crushing on uncluttered spaces that are clean & minimal. Sometimes you might have to start by embracing the messy realities & stickyness of busy family life or a deadline driven career where you can still give yourself permission to prioritise your home yoga practice over the pile of unfolded washing.

If you’ve got kids, are renovating, just moved, or live in a shared space it might not be practical to have a perfect ‘yoga room’ set up all the time and we want to bust the myth that it should stop you. In fact, our own yoga practice space is not as some would expect – a separate room away from the house – but rather space is smack bang in the middle of the lounge room. 

Where to practice?

Well – firstly you need to find somewhere in your house that you have the space and inspiration to practice. In some cases you’ll have spare room that isn’t used so much (maybe it's the guest room, the unfolded washing room, office or similar). Lucky you - even if you use your spare room for something else - it'll make a great start.

But perhaps you live in a house without a spare room (like us), so in this case you'll need to have a wander around home and think about where the best place to practice will be.

For example, in the middle of the kids room is unlikely to cut it (sun salutation doesn’t mix well with stray pieces of lego) so opt for a corner of your bedroom, the office (face away from your desk and distractions) or somewhere in your house where you have decent natural light.

If you live near mountains, trees, the ocean or can pair it with a tranquil garden view then do that.

In warmer climates – look for somewhere that isn’t too windy or directly in the sun – for us that means we sometimes practice outside on our deck in the warmer months.

Make it work for you & have everything handy.

Once you've chosen a space in your house where you have the room to practice - consider the following:

1. Where can I store my mat and props so they are ready to go.

Our strategy for keeping everything accessible has been to keep all our stuff in a nice basket at the end of our lounge. It's a 1 minute set up to clear the floor if there are any toys lying around, roll our mat out and grab our props. The basket ties in with our decor - so instead of having to hide our equipment - it makes up part of the room without being overwhelming. Avoid storing your mat somewhere where it's a hassle to get to it - otherwise you'll end up creating another barrier to practice.

2. What changes do I need to make to the space in order to be able to practice here?

Consider if you need to de-clutter your room, change the furniture around or make changes to create more natural light or comfortable temperature (do you need heating, cooling etc).

3. What times will work for me and my family to be able to practice here.

Practice times for us usually span the morning or evening or times when our kids are at school. If the kids are around - we usually switch to our bedroom downstairs where we can close the door and let the kids go for it upstairs.

What you need...

Grippy Mat

The only thing you really need for a home practice is a good mat. Personally I find that getting on my mat – is like a little signal to my brain – that it’s time to practice.

How to practice yoga at home

We like Mukti Mats as they are all natural and biodegradable, plus quite grippy.

Other stuff that’s cool for your home yoga practice kit.

Block – If I were to choose 1 prop it would be 2 yoga blocks. Blocks give us options to raise the hips in seated positions, give stability when in poses where we otherwise have trouble reaching the earth and also make great props to help open the chest.

Strap – These are great for those with tight hamstrings. More experienced students will probably find great benefit from using a strap in binding poses where it's otherwise difficult to reach and arm balances for extra support. 

Bolster – Bolsters are great for relaxation and yin style practices. They are especially useful for students with really tight hips to get a bit more height. An alternative is a rolled up blanket.

Foam Roller – We use a foam roller every now to release the quads, thighs and back.

Pressure Point Ball – Like a foam roller, pressure point balls are a great way to release tension - especially in areas of the body that are hard to release (like between the shoulder blades - the deep glutes and lower back).

Next steps:

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