Business. Balance & Burnout. Why every yoga teacher needs a business coach.

Business. Balance & Burnout. Why every yoga teacher needs a Business Coach.

Before we begin - let's see where you're at?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You just finished your teacher training (and super organised by the look of it) but worried about what to charge, how to get the word out and how to plan! You're probably worried about where to start with beginners & that's before you've even thought about a facebook page, or marketing or any of that stuff. 

Or maybe you're feeling frustrated that you've been schlepping your butt around town teaching a stack of classes at inconvenient times (like when your friends are socialising) that are half full at best.... the pay sucks.... you've got an angry shoulder that won't settle... and you're starting to wonder if you'll ever be able to make this work long term?

OR perhaps life is good and you're content with your class sizes (you've got your regulars and they love you)... but you're just not really 'the business type' and feel like you could take it to the next level with a bit more focus & someone to hold you accountable.

Or maybe you run a studio - but you're tired of dealing with teachers that sub out all the time, clients asking for extensions & less than awesome systems that mean whenever the sacred cow shit hits the fan you've got to step in and save the day. Not to mention you can't remember the last time you took a holiday without needing to check your email #missionimpossible.

Yep. Been there. And we made a ton of mistakes which mean you don't have to.

Wherever you are on your yoga teaching path - we've got you covered!

As studio owners for the past 11 years, passionate yogis, teachers, parents & business owners - we know what it's like to start from scratch, juggle life, AND make a go of it and WE'RE HERE TO HELP.

I'm going to assume that even if life is pretty good and you've got your yogi shit together - that there are still areas of your teaching & business that you know need a tweak. (Tax time anyone? Social Media? How to fill your classes even on a rainy day? How to stop writing down your lesson plans on scraps of paper and organise the hell out of it)

If we're speaking your language - it's because we get you and oh how awesome it would've been to have a Business Minded Yoga Coach on our side when we first started teaching.

So here are our top 4 reasons Every Yoga Teacher Needs a Business Minded Yoga Coach.

#1... most yoga trainings spend about 30 seconds on the business side of things...

Ok - slight exageration - but for a 200 hr YTT you probably spend just a couple of hours on business stuff - am I right? You'll usually get a very base level overview of the different ways that yoga teachers can generate an at best when you leave you'll know that "teaching retreats" "private lessons" "beginners courses" are an option but you won't actually have the skills, contracts, planning tools or processes to do those things well.

Bummer... cause you know #rent #bills #insurance

#2... most business coaches don't 'get' the world of yoga...

With a huge gaping hole of insufficient business advice in the side of most yoga teaching trainings, no doubt you've turned to online resources & marketing experts BUT most business coaches just don't 'get' how weird (and wonderful) & nuanced the yoga world is...

Like the fact that it's kinda not perceived as cool to want to earn a living from it... 

That it's really hard to get an ongoing teaching job...

Or that even if you ARE making a good living - you're probably stuck in a cycle of seasonal income trading time for money. Meaning you can't take paid holidays, or choose your hours, or have good options for when you want to take a break (or heaven forbid start a family).

#3... you started yoga for better life balance and instead you're feeling burnt out

It's easy to get a yoga practice, meditation & wholefoods in every day during teaching training and on retreat - but wtf happens in the real world when you try to balance kids, partners, part time jobs, teaching at all hours, sporadic attendance & an unreliable income - it's hard to make all the pieces fit together in a sustainable way - which often leads to you practicing less and less and before you know it - you've taken the love of your life (yoga) and friend-zoned them. After a while the resentment starts to kick in & you're ready for divorce. Consider us your yoga marriage counsellor.

#4... you catch yourself saying "I only care about teaching - I'm not into the business stuff"

Ok - hold onto your birkenstocks cause I have to stop you right there. I know what you're thinking - you're a heart centred type, with a love for the divine & even though you get that you need a nice logo and maybe even a facebook page - your focus just isn't on the marketing side of things.

You're all about messy buns, flip flops, wanderlust adventures and staying true to the beautiful practice of yoga. WE GET IT.

BUT have you ever considered that you can be ALL THOSE THINGS AND STILL work on the business side of things too?

We're assuming that the divine wants you to be able to pay your bills & afford that yoga retreat or workshop in (insert beautiful destination) without selling your soul.

Here's the thing - if you were to change the word 'business' and swap it for the word 'communication' or 'connection' how would that sit?

Because often we get put off by labels (especially if we aren't really into this for the numbers) and forget that by focusing on our business what we are REALLY doing is learning more effective ways to communicate and connect with our students. Part of business development is self development. Part of marketing is finding out what your students really need and then making good on your promise to deliver those things. There's nothing salesy about being a better teacher. It's communication & connection - and we'd love to show you how all this stuff works in a way where you still remain true to your authenticity as a teacher.

Enter your new BFF "The Business Minded Yogi"

A netflix style selection of short courses on teaching, business, mindfulness & yoga. We'll tackle the sweet spot where all these skill sets meet.

It's where you'll find new and exciting ways to get more organised, build your class sizes, improve your branding & biz systems & generally learn to fall back in love with your practice, your teaching AND FINALLY make more money doing what you love. 

And because we are also passionate about things like sequencing, anatomy, injury prevention & teaching a holistic practice that stays true to the reasons you became a yoga teaching in the first place - our courses are unlike other business courses because we understand that at the heart of it - you just want to keep doing what you love in a really authentic way.

Before we launch we'll be sharing a bunch of awesome tips that you can start implementing RIGHT AWAY.

But as a new or experienced yoga teacher - what do you need right now? How can we help you?

1. Email us here (hand on our heart chakra we'll personally get back to you)

And let us know your top 3 problems or difficulties that you have RIGHT NOW. It can be related to teaching, scheduling, pay, marketing, branding, planning - whatever it is - I'm sure we can help. Just by articulating your biggest frustrations - you'll get some immediate clarity about your current situation and where you need help AND feedback from us to help you get started. 

2. Check out our online yoga course "21 Days of Yoga & Goal-Setting for Better Life Balance"

If you feel like you're lacking direction with your goals at the moment, feel overwhelmed and need some guidance on how to break it all down AND want to re-ignite your yoga practice we highly recommend this online course which will help you manage your time, feel less overwhelmed, get back to what's important AND includes 10 x yoga practices (mostly around 60min long) that you can come back to again and again.